free shipping to Austria, Belgium and Netherlands for orders from 50 eur
free shipping to Austria, Belgium and Netherlands for orders from 50 eur

Resin4Decor epoxy resin for all your Resin Art needs

If you're looking for an epoxy resin product that will enable you to create incredible works of art, homewares, gifts or jewellery then look no further.

Resin4Decor Resin can supply you with the highest quality, safe, easy to use epoxy resin for all your resin needs.

RESIN4DECOR 1:1 Non-Yellowing Clear Epoxy Resin (24h Curing Time)

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12h Low Viscosity RESIN4DECOR Super Clear Epoxy Resin (Fast Curing - 12h)

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RESIN4DECOR Low Viscosity Resin


RESIN4DECOR Epoxy Resin are Safety

We are pleased to announce that our resins are DIN EN 71-3 certified, which means that projects made from RESIN4DECOR are safe for children toys after full curing.

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All-purpose Non-Yellowing Epoxy

Resin –

Ideal for arts, crafts and DIY projects.

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Resin4Decor is non-toxic (after full curing when used as directed) so it's not bad for your health like other resins. No VOCs. No fumes. No solvents. Non-flammable.

UV Resistance

Resin4Decor is chemically engineered to offer the most efficient yellowing protection on the market. Its advanced stabilization additives provide superior clarity for long-term non-yellowing performance.

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