How To Apply Resin4Decor

It's too easy - 4 Simple Steps

Warm up the bottles and workspace to 20-25 C (70-75 F).
Temperature is one of the most important factors for correctly curing and avoiding bubbles of epoxy resin.
Use a water bath for warming bottles in the winter time.


Pour 1 part Resin and 1 part Hardener into a mixing cup.

Basically the 1000ml Kit is enough for 1m², the Gallon Kit for 4m².

How much resin will I need?


Stir really well for at least 3-5 minutes.
Scrape the sides and the bottom to make sure you’re being thorough (unmixed material will leave you with sticky spots that just won’t cure).
Once you put the resin and hardener together, you’ll have about 45 minutes for 24h curing resins or 15 min for our fast curing resins of working time before the resin thickens and cures.


After making sure your piece is level, go ahead and pour over your work.
It’ll start to level on its own, and you can spread it around into place.
Let the resin run over the edges and then just use a brush to tidy it up.
You’ll notice bubbles will begin to rise to the surface.


RESIN4DECOR needs to sit for several hours in a dust-free space while it cures.
In about 6 hours it will be tacky but you will be able to pour a second coat if necessary.
In about 12 hours (4 hours*) it will be dry to the touch, and within 24 hours (8 hours*) it will be 98% cured.

* - for Resin4Decor 12h Curing Time version.