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RESIN4DECOR 1:1 Non-Yellowing Clear Epoxy Resin (24h Curing Time)

RESIN4DECOR 1:1 Non-Yellowing Clear Epoxy Resin (24h Curing Time)

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ALL-PURPOSE EPOXY RESIN – Ideal for arts, crafts and DIY projects this clear epoxy resin gives you an ultra-strong hold and optimized viscosity with no bubbles, no smell, and a 12-24-hour cure time to support your design and artistic needs.
ULTRA-CLEAR RESIN FINISH – Formulated with a hardener our resin epoxy boasts a 1:1 mix ratio and a pot life of 45 minutes. Both of which ensure smooth transitions to your surfaces that won’t leave behind discoloration or flakiness.
LONG-LASTING COLOR CLARITY – Our casting epoxy resin boasts water, scratch and UV resistance that won’t fade or discolor over time making it better for precision arts and crafts such as jewelry, kitchen decor, tables, or countertops.
MULTIPURPOSE EPOXY GLUE – This high-quality epoxy can be used for a wide range of custom DIY crafts or projects such as creating homemade jewelry, lifelike water displays, painting, canvas, aquariums, coasters, and so much more.
TRUSTED QUALITY AND SUPPORT – Here at RESIN4DECOR we created the best epoxy resin for your everyday projects and repairs:art, cheese boards, coasters, aquariums, jewelry, craft projects, epoxy table, board, tray, canvas, painting. That’s why it’s safe, contains no VOCs or nonylphenol, and is 100% compatible with our pearl powder pigments for color.

Take DIY Projects and Arts and Crafts to a New Level with Premium-Grade Epoxy Resin from RESIN4DECOR.

When you're an artist who loves crafting jewelry, decorative lifelike scenery, or custom arts and crafts projects you know that the resin you use can make all the difference in the final outcome. That's why we created the best all-purpose resin for all your DIY designs. Introducing RESIN4DECOR Epoxy Resin, a premium high-gloss, clear-coat formula that adheres surfaces together more effectively, or coats your art more smoothly, while providing a crystal-clear surface that lets the art and color shine through.

- All-Purpose Epoxy Resin
- High-Gloss, Crystal-Clear Finish
- Safe on Multiple Surface Types
- Self-Leveling, No-Bubble Mixture
- Mixable with Pearl Pigment Powders


Add a Touch of Color - As a clear gloss epoxy, you can easily add bold and vibrant pearl powder pigments to the solution to create a more customized look for your art project or creative outlet.
Indoor Safe Use - RESIN4DECOR epoxy is odorless and contains no VOCs which means you can use it on your projects indoors without any special ventilation. It's also 100% safe for kid's toys.
Versatile DIY Project Use - Our high-gloss two-part epoxy is non-toxic, non-flammable and nonylphenol free which means it can be used for a variety of different arts, crafts and DIY projects. Great ideas include drink coasters, homemade custom jewelry, canvas painting or aquarium repairs.
Consistent Curing Time - This professional-grade, low-viscosity epoxy resin dries seamlessly with no yellowing, discoloration, or bubbles. In fact, it can cure in just 12 to 24 hours based on ambient temperatures of 20-30C. The higher the temperature the faster the curing time.
100% Non-Yellowing, UV-Resistant Finish - Designed specifically for beginner and professional art projects and designs our epoxy cures crystal clear and super hard for UV, water and scratch resistance surface coverage.
Clear Gloss Coating - The best part of Resin4Decor casting epoxy resin is that it dries hard as a rock but provides a transparent finish that enhances colors or textures for optimized art styles.
Long-Lasting Resilience - Our casting epoxy is also stronger and more resilient than standard glues which means it can be used for table tops, bar surfaces, over wood finishes or sealing encapsulations.


Properties before Hardening:
Density @ 25°C: A = 1.15, B = 0.96
Viscosity @ 25°C: A=1600 CPS(mPa*s), B=1200 CPS(mPa*s)
Mixing ratio A:B: (Volume Ratio) 1:1
Curing time @ 25°C: 24h or @ 60°C = 3h (2g)
Pot life @ 25°C: 45 min (50g)
A - Resin, B - Hardener
Properties after Hardening:
Hardness, shore D: <75
Heat resistance:up to 80°C
Withstand voltage, KV/mm: 22
Flexural strength, Kg/mm2: 28
Thermal conductivity, W/M.K: 1.36
Induced electric loss, 1KHZ: 0.42


500ml (250ml Resin + 250ml Hardener), 1000ml (500ml Resin + 500ml Hardener), 3780ml (1890ml Resin + 1890ml Hardener), 7560ml (3780ml Resin + 3780ml Hardener)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 596 reviews
Vesna Hauc

I'm not satisfied, many bubbles


all correct and the product is high quality, I am happy.

Wendy Paris

Bonjour je vous remercie pour le cadeau de résine en plus. Par contre pas facile d’utiliser le conditionnements que vous m’avez envoyé beaucoup trop lourd comparé aux bouteilles que je prends habituellement. Bonne journée

Viera Sokolová

+S touto živicou sa mi veľmi dobre pracuje👌
- Trochu väčšie množstvo mikrobubliniek

+ I work very well with this resin
-A large number of microbubbles

best resin on the market

sooner or later, also depending on light-exposure, all resin turns yellowish, sometimes to a degree where the picture seems to be destroyed. this resin is the only resin i found on the market which doesnt turn yellowish.. even after years. So to me that is the only resin i trust and i want to work with. Even for a fair price and a quick delivery.


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