Resin4Decor <b>Low Viscosity</b> Clear Resin (24h Curing Time).
Resin4Decor <b>Low Viscosity</b> Clear Resin (24h Curing Time).
Resin4Decor <b>Low Viscosity</b> Clear Resin (24h Curing Time).
Resin4Decor <b>Low Viscosity</b> Clear Resin (24h Curing Time).

Resin4Decor Low Viscosity Clear Resin (24h Curing Time).

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High-gloss low viscosity epoxy resin clear coat for artwork, photography and craft projects.

"Small Kit" 1050 ml (34oz) is sufficient to cover 10 square ft (1 sqm).
"Gallon Kit" 3750ml (1 gal) is sufficient to cover 40 square ft (3,75 sqm).
"Medium Kit" 7.5 L (2 gal) is sufficient to cover 80 square ft (7,5 sqm).
"Professional Kit" 15 L (4 gal) is sufficient to cover 160 square ft (15 sqm).

What is Resin4Decor? 
If you're looking to add a beautifully clear, glossy, UV stable coating to your artwork, photos or other creative projects then Resin4Decor offers unsurpassed performance coupled with incredible ease-of-use for perfect results.

Resin4Decor is a two-part epoxy resin with 2:1 mix ratio by volume or weight. 

If any air bubbles do appear, a light breath over the piece is usually all that's required to release them. 
Once cured, Resin4Decor provides a super-clear, semi-flexible coating that won't shrink, distort or yellow over time. 

- Resin4Decor is easy to use, simply mix, pour and cure.
- Resin4Decor is non-yellowing. 
- Resin4Decor is non-toxic and safe to use. 
Although Resin4Decor is non-toxic, you should still always follow common sense safety precautions; wearing gloves and work in a well ventilated area. 

How much resin will I need?

Our low viscosity resin has a particular feature of crystallising, but this is a reversible process and does not affect the quality of the resin in any way! If you noticed some sort of cloudiness or if the resin is not clear, all you have to do is heat it up to 40-50 degrees and it will turn crystal clear again!

Wholesale Quantities 
For wholesale quantities, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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